Tropical Botanic Artists


Laurie Richardson studied art at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she received a BA in Distributed Studies (Fine Arts, Environmental Biology and Chemistry).  From there she began a career as a scientist and from 1990 until retiring in 2017 was a professor at Florida International University,  working on coral microbiology and the health of Florida’s coral reefs.  She is an avid gardener, cultivating a tropical jungle in the Keys.  In 2011 she began taking tropical botanic art courses at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens.  These courses changed her life and, as a microbiologist, she delights in the extreme attention to detail required for botanical art. 

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Laurie Richardson

Calliphlox evelynae with Tillandsia fasciculata

Bahama Woodstar hummingbird  and bromeliad

Watercolor on paper

16 x 12 in

Bromeliad with Tropical Buckeye butterfly

Watercolor and gouache on paper

12 x 16 in

Coccoloba uvifera


Watercolor on paper

14 x 10 in

Corymbia ficifolia

Red flowering gum tree  

Watercolor on paper

9 x 9 in

Selasphorus rufus with Tillandsia balbisiana

Rufous hummingbird and bromeliad

Watercolor on paper

16 x 12 in