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Morella Anzola Camejo was born and raised in Venezuela amid the beauty and lushness of tropical vegetation. In 1986, she moved to California's Bay Area with her family and, realizing that for her the connection to her new environment was through plants, she became an avid gardener.

After working in the dental field for years, she enrolled in the horticulture and landscape program at Merritt College in Oakland, California, where she also took botanical illustration classes. She designed and planted gardens for herself, family, and friends.

Morella moved to the Miami area around 2015 and discovered Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, where she has taken an assortment of art classes.  Her greatest joy, however, is to enter the property and bask in the abundance of plants, colors, and scents that send her back to her native home.

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Morella Camejo

Flowering artichoke

Watercolor and colored pencils on paper

12 x 9 in

Ipomoea acuminata

Morning Glory

Watercolor on paper

20 x 16 in

Magnolia soulangeana "Elizabeth"

Watercolor on paper

10 x 17 in

Bromeliad sp.

Watercolor on paper

14 x 10 in

Dendrobium sp.

Watercolor on paper

10 x 17 in