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Silvia Bota, a native of Cuba, has resided in Miami since 2001.  Prior to that, she lived and worked in Havana, first as a Fashion Designer and Illustrator for a women’s magazine, and later as Sub-Director of the magazine.  She went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Journalism at the University of Havana, and started covering Cuban flora and fauna, working very closely with specialists from the Cuban Academy of Sciences.  Since her move to Miami she has devoted her time to painting botanical specimens in watercolor and graphite, and also Cuban and American birds, and Floridian butterflies.  Now, she fully dedicates her skills and enthusiasm to an art that has developed into a true passion.  What is her major challenge?  The wondrous beauty of orchids!

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David's Nasturiums

Watercolor on paper

14 x 10 in

Dendrobium Sarawut Classic x Dendrobium “Fairy Flake”

Watercolor on paper

17.25 x  x 13.5 in

Cattleya Green Emerald “Queen”

Watercolor on paper

12 x  x 12 in

Hibiscus rosa - sinensis cultivar

Watercolor on paper

9 x  x 9 in

Endangered Florida Butterflies

Watercolor on paper

20 x 14 in